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Storhamar upper secondary school offers programmes in both general studies and vocational education. Our vocational courses are in the programmes for Healthcare, childhood and youth development and Restaurant and food processing.

Since 2008, we also offer a three-year programme in Sports and physical education, as well as a one-year course in Supplementary studies qualifying for higher education (Vg3 påbygg).

The duration of each school year is 38 weeks. A typical school day starts at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 3:40 p.m. On completion,students are awarded certificates or diplomas. 

The Sports and physical education programme combines academic subjects such as Norwegian, English, Maths, Science, Geography, Social studies, History and Foreign languages, with theory of training, leadership and training management, sports in society, and a variety of physical activities. In addition, our students have a choice of specializing in recreational sports or top-level sports such as soccer, ice hockey, handball, or individually tailored strength and conditioning. The three-year programme leads to university admission certification and an opportunity to study further at a college or university. It also serves as a basis for a job as trainer in the fields of sports and physical education and outdoor life, especially in children’s sports.

Glacier trek

Glacier climbing. Compulsory hiking trip for senior sports students at Storhamar secondary.

All our vocational courses accommodate work placement and extensive practical training. In addition to vocational subjects, our students follow compulsory classes in English, Norwegian, Maths, Science, Civics and Physical Education. After two years of schooling, our students may seek apprenticeships in their chosen vocation, or apply for the one-year course in Supplementary studies qualifying for higher education.

The vocational courses currently offered at Storhamar upper secondary school are:

Healthcare, childhood and youth development

Foundation course (1st year)

Childcare and youth work (2nd year)

Health work (2nd year)

Skin care (2nd and 3rd year)

Restaurant and food processing

Foundation course (1st year)

Professional cookery and waiting (2nd year)

Food and beverages (2nd year)

Health care

Health care students in practice.

The school also offers a number of tailored courses for special needs students, such as Specialization in general studies, as well as a number of adult education programmes in cooperation with municipalities, local industries and the Norwegian labour and welfare administration.